The team at Express Woodturning is headed by Luke Ommundson and his wife Louise, who bring together their expertise of architectural design and third generation timber craftsmanship.

Luke is a third generation craftsman with expert knowledge in timber, cabinetmaking and woodturning. Louise has worked as an architect for 12 years before joining the family business to advance its technical design capabilities. The result of this joining of minds is custom made furniture not only of rare beauty, but high quality workmanship. Not only stunning results are achieved, but the product is designed to be manufactured at the most economical price to suit it's application.


our awards

Athens olympic torch Award

We were offered an award by Harringtons for the successful manufacture of over 17,000 Olympic Torches for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Harringtons had produced many Olympic Torches before, however had never before worked together with a timber manufacturer.

timber design awards
Express Woodturning was a successful entrant in the Timber Design Awards in 2005 also for the Athens Olympic Games torches which were made from New Zealand Beech.

our staff

Luke Ommundson
Express Woodturning is owned and operated by Luke - a 3rd Generation Woodworker with extensive experience in Woodturning and Machining. Luke started the business with his father over 25 years ago.
Louise Ommundson
Originally trained as an architect, Louise now uses her CAD skills to model up all our products and create shop drawings for our customers.
Laurie Seguna
Laurie is an experienced french polisher with an incredible eye for detail. He joined Express Woodturning in 1997 and runs the factory floor..
Ben Grifiths
Ben started out as an apprentice with Express Woodturning, and is now the chief cabinet maker. His eye for quality and working with solid timber is second to none.